Friday, 10 February 2012

Sand to snow in one week!

Who would have thought it?  We had barely shaken the sand from our shoes when my buying trip to Newark antiques fair was cancelled by the first snow fall.  Then more snow, and now even MORE.  That's me in the front in the blue scarf and mittens and my little dog running alongside when we went on our walk this morning - last night's snowfall is even deeper!  I have got quite a large ebay parcel run today, wonder if I can harness the dog to a small sleigh?

Posts have been thinner on the ground than the snow, have had a very busy ebay week (good) and a strangely unhappy little dog (bad).  It is our little Chum's adoptive birthday on the 13th of this month - we will have had him two years - and there are still times when we think he remembers and probably pines for his old life.  This week, there were two days when he wouldn't eat or play and seemed to be worrying about something; jumping out of his skin and staring at non-existent shadows.  He wouldn't even lie down & snuggle up in one of his many beds in the house.  Maybe the snow had triggered a memory?  (When we adopted him from the RSPCA it was after he had been found abandoned in that winter's snowy weather).  Anyway, all back to normal yesterday & today, thankfully, so I can stop fretting.  Last night I was even treated to the privilege of sharing the sofa with him so I could stroke his tummy while I watched the TV.

In spite of not going to Newark, have still found some good textiles on my more local stock searches.  In particular, lots of embroidered tray cloths & tablecloths.  Will pop some photos of these on this post later.  In the meantime, ebay packing, here I come!


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  1. Hope your little chum is happier now.It is hard to imagine what tales some of them could tell us if they could.Give him a scratch from me!x


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