Saturday, 21 January 2012

Looking forward to spring

On my bookshelves (currently groaning under the several hundredweight of vintage craft, dressmaking and needlecraft magazines I have acquired, during the last 12 months especially), there remain a few treasured books from my childhood.  This little book I am looking through now dates from, I would guess, the 1930s (and no, my childhood was not then!).  My Nan used to buy me books from jumble sales when I was about five years old, about the same time I started buying frocks for fancy dress or to cut up to make dolls' clothes.  (Yes, I still shudder when I see the scraps of lace in my sewing cupboard which I cut from a 1930s patchwork lace top!).  "Secrets of the Flowers" in The Bunnykin Books series has several sentimental post-Victorian melodramatic tales (and yup, I still wipe a tear from my eye if I read one today), all of which are illustrated by flowers with little faces.  I have seen Art Deco handbags and tea cosies etc. decorated with little faces surrounded by flower petals, and as I have some doll faces picked up last year, methinks that might be a nice vintage project to try.  Until the stitching gets done and I show a photo of what I have made, please enjoy the pictures with the promise of springtime arriving soon. 

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  1. Springtime can't arrive too soon for me!
    what a super looking little book and the pictures you have chosen are so pretty!
    Looking forward to seeing the new project finished!


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