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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Once upon a vintage Christmas

No matter whether you love vintage 30s Deco embroidery
Vintage paisley and fine cross stitch
Gay 60s cottons and guipure lace
Or vintage Liberty of London wool decorated with vintage carved bone buttons
Once upon a vintage Christmas I will have made a stocking to suit!

Remember, remember ...

Someone has been feeling poorly lately.  Maybe he missed me when I went to my Ladder Club seminar a couple of weeks ago?  He had to go to see the nice kiwi vet last Monday (not a vet for kiwis, you know!) and get some medicine.  We were finally over that sickness episode when wham, bam, fireworks weekend!  Last year, I had dosed our little Chum up with homeopathic pet calming pills for a couple of weeks before the Big Bang on 5th November.  I thought they had not worked and that mr. brocobelle and I should have been taking them instead.  Let's just say after last night, I now know they DID work.  Somebody will be going into their cage covered with a blanket at about 5pm tonight 
(no, not mr. b!)