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Friday, 7 October 2011

Isn't she lovely? My dream (sewing) machine

I had been thinking about buying a vintage hand sewing machine for a while.  Now that I am sewing ever more vintage craft type items (bags, toys, boudoir bras, snoods ...) I often end up cranking my electric machine by hand anyway when I get to the tricky little faffy bits, so had been considering looking for an old Singer or suchlike as I remember from my childhood.

So when I was asked in one of my usual charity shops yesterday if I was interested in buying an old sewing machine (they know me well!), it didn't take too long to say yes.  The machine in question is in lovely condition, all the decals are good and bright, and more importantly, all the tools, handbooks, attachments and feet are present.  Hadn't ever thought about using a ruffler, under braider, quilter or hemmer, let alone a tuckmarker or five-stitch pleater, but hey, I try to keep an open mind on these things.

I wasn't sure of the exact date of my machine, but when I checked Google, I was thrilled to find the Singer Company has a really handy checklist for serial numbers

so I was able to date my machine accurately to 1939.  Check it out if you are wondering about your own machine.  Have also found an interesting site with historical info on vintage sewing machines, check it out here.

Will be taking a test run this weekend and will report back on how she handles!

STOP PRESS --- STOP PRESS --- STOP PRESS Have just lugged my little 99-er up onto my work table, threaded her & - hoping that she maybe had a bobbin already in there! - cranked the handle.  She runs like a dream, a pleasing combination of purring and clicking as the handle turns.  She manoeuvres really nicely on curves.  Keen to try some free embroidery with her.  Phew!