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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ah, them crochet nights ...

The whippersnappers amongst you might find it hard to believe that during the 70s we often tripped the light fandango in trailing maxi skirts and that for soirees at home, wedding guest attire and even school discos, maxis were almost de rigueur!!

I was reminded of that fact while looking through my 70s craft books for some maxi skirt crochet patterns for one of my blogging buddies (check out her wonderful crafty blog here Urban Rustic) and found plenty of inspiration.  My own fledgling crochet attempts haven't progressed beyond my Gay Gypsy Scarf (see earlier post), some granny squares (nice waistcoat idea for using these below) & some flowers, but I am persevering with the help of my patient neighbour, Eileen. 

Anyway, more maxi crochet heaven below - let me know if you are interested in any of these.  (Plus, having a little smile to myself as I type this - I snapped up a lovely early Edwardian crochet jacket on ebay which was listed as "crotched".  Ouch!)