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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Run away with the gay gypsies

Oh yes, currently in the process of releasing my inner gay gypsy - 1970s style - and attempting to crochet a "gay gypsy" scarf from a 1970s crochet book.  OK, I haven't got the yarn specified in the pattern, my crochet hook is probably a size too big, and I didn't check my tension - but since when has not following a pattern exactly ever stopped me from having a go??

I sewed and stitched my way through childhood - toys, dolls' clothes and dressing up outfits; through my teens - gypsy style tiered skirts, pinafores and petticoats along with various am dram outfits (tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Cinderella); through the 80s when I even made my own suits to wear to the office.  But I never really got to grips with knitting.  But then I had my dear Mum (who was one of the best knitters ever) to take care of beautiful cardigans and knitwear for me.

I taught myself a few basic crochet stitches from an old leaflet I bought for the grand total of 5p in a charity shop.  Then a kindly neighbour, Eileen, has showed me some more stitches (although she despairs of my crooked edges!)  Another 50p spent in another charity shop discovered a fab book of vintage crochet patterns.  Watch out folks, a crochet bikini might be on the cards yet ...