Thursday, 15 December 2011

Let's Make a Christmas Gift

Always exciting to receive my latest ebay/etsy/amazon purchase and today's delivery does not disappoint.  Fab little vintage 40s book with tons of needlecraft projects for gift making.  Haven't had chance to look at it thoroughly as have been busy wrapping parcels to post today, but this little braided gift caught my eye

I am thinking of trying to braid some rugs in the new year, possibly some bath mats, but a teapot stand looks a good project to start and I like the way the flower petals are created.

Actually, on receiving this book I really fell off the wagon!  There is a list of books in the series on the back cover and yes, I had to go trawling the www for them, and you know that temptation when Amazon lists books for 1p, yup, three books now on their way to me ... (not all at 1p, but not too expensive really ....)

Hope your festive preparations are going well.  We have a break from tradition this year and I found a lovely little LED cherry tree so have bedecked it with a few of my special sentimental baubles and really pleased to have a different "look".  Will post photos soon.  Stay warm those of you who have snow already, we are expecting it later tonight.


  1. Definitely have a go with a braided rug and I look forward to seeing one in progress/finished (!)...and we really needed the inspiration that this book provides some weeks ago! I have done absolutely nothing this year so far.
    Snow expected here too tonight and I am worried as only one of my offspring back from Uni so far .....

  2. By the way I meant also to say I love the reindeer
    scarf you have for sale...temptation.


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