Friday, 30 December 2011

Ever Expanding Vintage Craft Library

OK, I've got to admit it, I have been ordering on ebay, etsy & amazon over the last week or so.  And my December evenings are being spent devouring every page again and again of my new-to-me purchases.  I love the adverts almost as much as the features.  I was particularly intrigued by this page above taken from a 1920s Home Crafts magazine as I had bought a vintage bead necklace only a few weeks before which looked to be home made.  The top right advert offers jewellery kits - maybe the necklace below was made from one of them as although the beads are quite lovely, the wire findings are uneven in places.

My reading is also turning up plenty of articles about barbola work.  It seems this was a type of paste one could buy ready mixed in tins.  Do any of you know if it can still be bought, or if not, what might be a suitable substitute as I would love to give this craft a try.


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