Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sew 30s Peg Doll Fairy & The Alternative Christmas Cherry Tree

Have come over all "minimal" this year & when I saw this little LED cherry tree in a local discount store, thought why not give it a try.  OK, so my peg doll fairy can't perch on top, but I have tried to style it as a fairytale tree using some of my favourite vintage decorations.  In the spirit of feng shui, yin and yang, whatever, there are a couple of pairs of decorations - two little doves and two little bauble people which belonged to my maternal grandmother.  A man in the moon I remember from Christmas trees back in the 60s, a few stars and a couple of planet-like painted glass baubles.

My peg doll fairy wears a dress made from vintage 30s silk saved from a torn dress and antique lace.  She has Tilda hair and a pair of large pink feather butterfly wings.  A large sequin & beaded butterfly and dragonfly flutter through the scene, as well as a fancy candelabra confection I received a few years ago as a gift (probably by Gisela Graham).   OK, maybe not exactly minimalist, but we are really enjoying this little alternative festive scene.


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