Friday, 30 December 2011

Ever Expanding Vintage Craft Library

OK, I've got to admit it, I have been ordering on ebay, etsy & amazon over the last week or so.  And my December evenings are being spent devouring every page again and again of my new-to-me purchases.  I love the adverts almost as much as the features.  I was particularly intrigued by this page above taken from a 1920s Home Crafts magazine as I had bought a vintage bead necklace only a few weeks before which looked to be home made.  The top right advert offers jewellery kits - maybe the necklace below was made from one of them as although the beads are quite lovely, the wire findings are uneven in places.

My reading is also turning up plenty of articles about barbola work.  It seems this was a type of paste one could buy ready mixed in tins.  Do any of you know if it can still be bought, or if not, what might be a suitable substitute as I would love to give this craft a try.


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a happy, cosy day for Christmas, with love from me, mr. b. and our little Chum x

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sew 30s Peg Doll Fairy & The Alternative Christmas Cherry Tree

Have come over all "minimal" this year & when I saw this little LED cherry tree in a local discount store, thought why not give it a try.  OK, so my peg doll fairy can't perch on top, but I have tried to style it as a fairytale tree using some of my favourite vintage decorations.  In the spirit of feng shui, yin and yang, whatever, there are a couple of pairs of decorations - two little doves and two little bauble people which belonged to my maternal grandmother.  A man in the moon I remember from Christmas trees back in the 60s, a few stars and a couple of planet-like painted glass baubles.

My peg doll fairy wears a dress made from vintage 30s silk saved from a torn dress and antique lace.  She has Tilda hair and a pair of large pink feather butterfly wings.  A large sequin & beaded butterfly and dragonfly flutter through the scene, as well as a fancy candelabra confection I received a few years ago as a gift (probably by Gisela Graham).   OK, maybe not exactly minimalist, but we are really enjoying this little alternative festive scene.


Sew 30s - Seasonal Felt Flower Corsage

Aware that I haven't really made any Christmas needlecraft items this year, I decided to give my Saturday Sew 30s felt flower project a seasonal colourway.  For many years I have treasured a little vintage 30s suede flower corsage, shown below

I finally got round to using one of the flowers to make a template

I cut 3 of these 5 pointed flowers; five small rounded diamond shaped leaves; & a small rectangle which I cut part way into 3 stems and two larger circles of green felt for the mounting and backing pieces to the corsage.  The centres of the flowers are small eau de nil coloured felt circles snipped all round the edges and mounted with pearlised sequins and small pearl green beads.  The felts are all wool mix fibres in vintage shades.

I assembled the flowers, then stitched all the flower pieces to the mounting circle which was backed with a second felt circle in the same colour with small slits cut through which I could slip a brooch mount, and the edges of the circles finished with buttonhole stitch.

The reason I have not stitched the brooch mount to the corsage is so that I can easily use it for other purposes by simply slipping the brooch mount out. 

Soon after I finished stitching, a little chap jumped up to see what was going on - any chance I could get a small dog involved in the production of corsages????


Friday, 16 December 2011

Sew 40s Felt Flower for Frock or Coat

A little bit of 40s sewing this afternoon with some scraps from my felt box and some vintage cotton threads - Gay Green, Blue Crest & Cambridge Blue - don't you just love the names?

Completed my first project from my "Let's Make a Gift" book received yesterday.  I wanted to use the colours suggested by the author but had to substitute with what I had in the hope that they are a suitably vintage 40s palette.  This is actually a lovely little tactile flower, the snipped felt fringe at the centre is almost like wool.  The stem and leaf have a nice sculptural quality and I will definitely be making more of these corsages.  Pattern will follow soon.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Let's Make a Christmas Gift

Always exciting to receive my latest ebay/etsy/amazon purchase and today's delivery does not disappoint.  Fab little vintage 40s book with tons of needlecraft projects for gift making.  Haven't had chance to look at it thoroughly as have been busy wrapping parcels to post today, but this little braided gift caught my eye

I am thinking of trying to braid some rugs in the new year, possibly some bath mats, but a teapot stand looks a good project to start and I like the way the flower petals are created.

Actually, on receiving this book I really fell off the wagon!  There is a list of books in the series on the back cover and yes, I had to go trawling the www for them, and you know that temptation when Amazon lists books for 1p, yup, three books now on their way to me ... (not all at 1p, but not too expensive really ....)

Hope your festive preparations are going well.  We have a break from tradition this year and I found a lovely little LED cherry tree so have bedecked it with a few of my special sentimental baubles and really pleased to have a different "look".  Will post photos soon.  Stay warm those of you who have snow already, we are expecting it later tonight.
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