Sunday, 6 November 2011

Remember, remember ...

Someone has been feeling poorly lately.  Maybe he missed me when I went to my Ladder Club seminar a couple of weeks ago?  He had to go to see the nice kiwi vet last Monday (not a vet for kiwis, you know!) and get some medicine.  We were finally over that sickness episode when wham, bam, fireworks weekend!  Last year, I had dosed our little Chum up with homeopathic pet calming pills for a couple of weeks before the Big Bang on 5th November.  I thought they had not worked and that mr. brocobelle and I should have been taking them instead.  Let's just say after last night, I now know they DID work.  Somebody will be going into their cage covered with a blanket at about 5pm tonight 
(no, not mr. b!)

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