Monday, 21 November 2011

Lost & Found at Kings Lynn Fleamarket

Not just a case of curb my enthusiasm, more a question of curse my enthusiasm!  I had a lovely morning on Saturday at the Kings Lynn Fleamarket and found some great treasures, the usual mix of some to keep, some to sell.  I also met two lovely ladies with whom I had a great conversation about vintage & handmade (I waxed lyrical as usual about the Vintage and Handmade fairs held in Chipping Sodbury!), and we talked about organising a similar event in the local area.  One of them gave me her email address on a small piece of paper which I carefully placed into my purse.  Somewhere amongst my next few purchases at the fleamarket and my usual gassing about vintage textiles and crafts, the piece of paper was lost.  So if by any small, vague chance you are one of those ladies with whom I was talking, please please get in touch!  I bought the Singer skirt marker and some knitting patterns from you, hope I might hear from you somehow!

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