Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recipe for an enjoyable November evening

Glass of wine, log fire burning, stack of my vintage needlework magazines .... bliss!

My favourites are from the 50s as they seem to have so many useful projects and articles - sometimes there is even a great project tucked away in a little half column at the back end of a magazine that I overlooked on the first ten or so read throughs.

I have been putting together as many copies of Needlework Illustrated from the late 40s/early 50s as I possibly can.  I have also got a good (and growing) collection of 1970s Golden Hands magazines.  With regard to the earlier 30s, finding magazines is more difficult but I have a growing collection of needlework books from this era.  Of course, I am discovering echoes of earlier needlecraft projects everywhere.  Plus ca change and all that.  I am enjoying trying the vintage projects out and also creating my own interpretations of them.  I have started putting some of the instructions on my posts and hope to do lots more next year.  In the meantime, if you would like to make a vintage inspired peg doll fairy for your Christmas tree, instructions are here.  Or if you would like to make a 50s inspired bow tie for your man, instructions are here.

If you would like to get hold of a job lot of Needlework Illustrated magazines, I have some listed on ebay right now as I have quite a lot of duplicates resulting from my buying up lots of job lots to increase my own collection.

Happy needlecrafts everyone!  Karen x


Monday, 21 November 2011

Lost & Found at Kings Lynn Fleamarket

Not just a case of curb my enthusiasm, more a question of curse my enthusiasm!  I had a lovely morning on Saturday at the Kings Lynn Fleamarket and found some great treasures, the usual mix of some to keep, some to sell.  I also met two lovely ladies with whom I had a great conversation about vintage & handmade (I waxed lyrical as usual about the Vintage and Handmade fairs held in Chipping Sodbury!), and we talked about organising a similar event in the local area.  One of them gave me her email address on a small piece of paper which I carefully placed into my purse.  Somewhere amongst my next few purchases at the fleamarket and my usual gassing about vintage textiles and crafts, the piece of paper was lost.  So if by any small, vague chance you are one of those ladies with whom I was talking, please please get in touch!  I bought the Singer skirt marker and some knitting patterns from you, hope I might hear from you somehow!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Once upon a vintage Christmas

No matter whether you love vintage 30s Deco embroidery
Vintage paisley and fine cross stitch
Gay 60s cottons and guipure lace
Or vintage Liberty of London wool decorated with vintage carved bone buttons
Once upon a vintage Christmas I will have made a stocking to suit!


Remember, remember ...

Someone has been feeling poorly lately.  Maybe he missed me when I went to my Ladder Club seminar a couple of weeks ago?  He had to go to see the nice kiwi vet last Monday (not a vet for kiwis, you know!) and get some medicine.  We were finally over that sickness episode when wham, bam, fireworks weekend!  Last year, I had dosed our little Chum up with homeopathic pet calming pills for a couple of weeks before the Big Bang on 5th November.  I thought they had not worked and that mr. brocobelle and I should have been taking them instead.  Let's just say after last night, I now know they DID work.  Somebody will be going into their cage covered with a blanket at about 5pm tonight 
(no, not mr. b!)
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