Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Plus ca change ... 60s caravan kids

Little bro & I weren't on holiday in the photo above, we were staying with our Auntie who lived in a caravan.  I never really understood why two of my aunties & my Mum & Dad (before bro came along) lived in caravans.  We weren't travellers.  Then again, we weren't wealthy.  But why caravans?  Then yesterday, I broke the ceiling of my usual £1 second hand book budget and blew a massive £2.50 on a 1950s "Better Home Making" book by Newnes.

Inside is a quaint article about caravans - of course I was initially drawn to the fab retro photos.  Then I read the text.  What a shocker.  Entitled, "Your Caravan Home", the article speaks about the housing shortage and the sub-standard rental accommodation which was often all that was available. It sang the happy alternatives of living in a caravan.  I cannot imagine how bleak it must have been for a young couple with a tiny baby living miles from anywhere, without a car, in a flimsy and doubtless far from luxurious caravan.  I have heard anecdotes about how we all awoke with frost on our faces.  Tall stories perhaps, but thankfully being just a baby, I was too little to remember.  I remember the above photoshoot, though.  My uncle was keen on photography.  His camera ready, we were instructed to sit still & my baby brother kept kicking his legs.  You can see my arm round his side, trying in vain to hold him still.  I look at this photo with tiny tears in my eyes, and not all of them due to nostalgia.  So grateful for my own beautiful home, and so sorry we have a housing shortage once more.  Let those of us with a nice roof over our heads count our blessings and remember all those needing somewhere to live.  x


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