Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Ladder Club Seminar - How to Start a Greeting Card Business

Just back from an enjoyable couple of days on the sunny Essex coast attending the seminar for start ups organised by the wonderfully generous Lynn Tait in the form of the Ladder Club (in conjunction with the Greeting Card Association.)
There were some truly inspirational speakers and everyone was so generous in the way they shared information about the industry. The prospect of digital printing seemed way too daunting but thanks to the straightforward presentation by The Imaging Centre even someone who doesn't know their pdf from their elbow might have a go.  Who would have thought I would ever give paper a second thought?  Not me, but thanks to G.F. Smith I now see paper in a different light.  It was and still is a huge shock that any industry can be so welcoming to newbies.  Even though since the seminar I have alternated between wanting to give this a go and thinking the whole project could be too daunting & maybe just a nice hobby (after all, cardmaking is the number one hobby in the UK!), at least I now have realistic information and have heard some real life success stories (Blue Eyed Sun & Paper Salad) to help me with my decision making.

As you all know, I love all things vintage.  So I thought it would be apt to illustrate this post with images from a few of my favourite vintage greetings cards from my huge collection of vintage ephemera.

As the lovely Steve from Sherwood Press pointed out, the couple in the card above look nearer to modern 15 year olds than 21 year olds!

Guess this was from the days all the girls longed to be as glam as Liz (Taylor not Hurley)

Love never changes - I remember sending Valentine's cards in the 70s (well, I was a teenager then ... and yes, I did send one to Donny Osmond!)

Finally, thank you to all my fellow attendees - collectively known as Ladderettes! - it was brilliant meeting you & sharing our ideas & knowledge & I wish all of you all the luck in the world.  Who knows, maybe we will meet up at Springboard at PG Live before too long ...


  1. What a fun idea to start a card business. I have s collection of vintage grreeting cards I hoard a little .im afraid to actually use them!

  2. I agree with you, I have to photograph these rather than using the originals. Today I received my latest ebay purchase, a wonderful group of vintage 30s valentine cards. Will be posting some images soon - they are so lovely.


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