Friday, 30 September 2011

Sew 50s, Crochet 50s

Had a happy day's hunting in the September sunshine yesterday and found this quaint little 50s sewing booklet in one of my usual haunts!  Sadly it doesn't contain any patterns, but has some nice illustrations and I reckon I can put together a pattern for the workbox/basket on the cover - I love the folksy decorations they have used.

Bit of a 50s theme going on right now - I received my latest Etsy purchase, a vintage 1951 crochet booklet.  Now, my hooks have remained in my workbag lately, but these brilliant evening gloves are calling me ...

Just had to share one of my other finds yesterday, a brilliant little vintage embroidered velvet jacket, I reckon Turkish embroidery made into a bolero c. 1930.



  1. Ooooo, that jacket is lovely! I like your other finds, but I LOVE that jacket!

  2. It is a really lovely little jacket - listed on ebay last night. Off to a vintage fair (Affordable Vintage) in Lincoln this afternoon to see what else I can find ...

  3. The sewing book and crochet pattern are lovely. I really like gloves, but I wear a lot of rings!

  4. This little Jacket is Palestinian

  5. Thank you Pia for the information. I wonder how it found its way here to rural Lincolnshire, I am sure it has a tale to tell x


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