Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Karma Kittens have lost their mittens ... and hats, and bags, and ....

Oh yes, my Karma Kittens are going to have a whole WARDROBE of clothes as befits two little glampusses whose favourite shop is Kittybiba, who love reading Kittyjackie and who listen to Kittybolan on their radios ...

Sorry for my kitten 70s inspired nostalgia trip there!  I am visiting two special little girls in a few weeks' time and have decided that the little kittens will accompany me.  Test puppet #1 in the middle was stitched out of scraps from my felt box.  I have decided the body of this kitten - although perfect for hands aged 3 to 7 - was a bit too small, so have upped the body size.  As is usual for my craft projects, influences come from most decades since about the 30s.  The head shape is 60s, the heart shaped nose 80s, the body shape 70s and the little flower which will be perched jauntily on each ear 30s!  The puppets can be sewn by machine or hand, and have embroidered whiskers and mouths and irises on their eyes.  The head is lightly padded and stitched over the shaped neck section which will allow the heads to nod, shake, etc.  Haven't started on the clothes yet - mittens, of course; handbags; I thought ponchos would be cute and maybe a little kaftan to tie in with the 70s theme; will definitely have something made from a hankie, possibly a dress or nightie, so that all those cute vintage hankies can be put to good use.

I am going to ask Evie & Lilly to think of names beginning with "K" for the Karma Kittens.  Must reassure their Mummy that I won't be bringing any live animals with me, only two little kittens who can be safely put back in the toy box after play.  Miaow!

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