Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sewing for the soul

I've embroidered a frock
And I've sewn the long seams,
While I stitched up a heartache
And mended my dreams

Don't you just love those words?  Taken from one of my vintage needlework books, I think they sum up so wisely how sewing and stitchery can ease our troubled minds

And looking through these needlework books, I have had a bit of a "eureka" moment.  I was never sure how to classify my interests, not quite crafts, not quite dressmaking - I love stitching hats, bags, gifts, tops, toys, corsages, jewellery, cuffs (like the beaded and ribbon flowered one above) etc etc - of course, it was needlework all along!

I am sitting here in needlework heaven, looking through my recently acquired books.  When I go to the great hereafter, wherever that may be, you'll find me sitting in the corner, surrounded by scraps of felt and textiles, needle and thread in hand ...



  1. I adore vintage needlework books. I pick them up at every estate sale and thrift store I find them in! (In fact, I sometimes find I have two or three copies ;) Thank you for sharing the little poem. So cute!

  2. I love the pretty and sparkly and very intricate.So much talent!!

  3. I'm finding books everywhere at the moment, too - I often find several in one go in charity shops where someone has cleared their bookshelves. I found a great 30s book with instructions for making children's cloche hats & bonnets so I am going to make up some patterns and give them a try.


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