Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Liberty print vintage 70s dress by Marion Donaldson

There were those of us who spent our mid to late 70s dressed like country maidens from a long before time, bedecked in petticoats trimmed with lace and broderie anglaise, ruffled skirts, shawls, soft floral patterns and with flowers in their hair.  Others went the punk route and could scare a bird at 20 paces.  No prizes for guessing I took the floral route and trod the romantic pathway.

One of my favourite designers of the time was Marion Donaldson.  My Saturday girl wages working in a clothes shop rarely stretched to the rails of garments delivered direct from MD's, and I would never have been able to afford this gorgeous dress made in the prettiest Liberty of London tana lawn. 

Sadly all my own clothes from that era - Radley, Laura Ashley, some Marion Donaldson petticoats, Liberty of London scarves - have mainly gone the way of the charity shop back in the 80s before I really got bitten by the vintage bug.  But it is such huge fun finding these garments today and remembering ....


  1. I too was a broderie anglaise bedecked country maiden!! I think looking back they were some of the nicest and most feminine clothes that I have ever had,and like yourself,regret deeply that I haven't got them any more.I even used to wear a petticoat that was my great grandmothers and what happened to that I just don't know.Wish I had it now!

  2. I have been collecting vintage needlework and craft books for ages, and now when I look at the 70s illustrations and designs, I find I am falling in love with them all over again... is there any hope for me?!


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