Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My 70s soul

Recently I've been finding tons of 70s craft books in charity shops

Reading them avidly and finding them very inspiring and, in a funny old way, fresh, and it has made me look again at some of my vintage 70s sewing patterns, like the one above.  Am I imagining it or do the designs from the 70s have a simplicity, charm and style that is very appealing?

I enjoy embroidery and reckon I could tackle the folkloric look of these tops

Now, I know the fashion gurus say you shouldn't wear things if you wore them first time round, but hey, my 70s soul is calling me louder every day ... x


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  1. wow,, I have the same sewing pattern and is really easy to sew, not counting the embroidery I too love some of the 70's fashion hope to see your creation of this wonderful pattern pretty soon! Thanks for sharing with us!


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