Thursday, 30 June 2011

Time for tea?

Barely a moment to fill my tea or coffee cup this week!

Started on Sunday, mr. brocobelle was on the hunt for a handbook for his vintage motorbike so we visited a sale where we had seen a vendor of all things kawasaki - he wasn't there, there were literally truckloads of discarded kids' toys and clothes for sale.  Not a happy hunting ground, thought I.  Happily I was wrong!  Found some great retro textiles and trims and even a few sewing patterns.

The good week continued when I went to one of my usual little thrift shops on my stock search circuit.  They had taken delivery of a quantity of deadstock - household linens, blouses, some lingerie - and to my great delight, a batch of retro 70s pinnies in groovy florals.  Out came the blue fold up Ikea bag - you know, the one that doubles as a two person tent - and it was promptly filled to the brim with textiles. 


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