Sunday, 12 June 2011

French leave

Just returned home after a few days in France

You might have read in an earlier post of a big French barn I frequent which has lots of textiles for sale

Well, given that my current passion is for scarves, I was thrilled to find a metal shop basket full of them - and no other customer seemed interested

I happily sorted through them and picked out 15, some to sell, some to sew, not too sure yet which are destined for ebay

But the jewel in the crown has to be this lovely silk Christian Dior scarf in pretty apricot shades with a design of pink roses on a trellis surrounded by baroque scrolls in shades of gold

Back home now, recovering from another birthday and long days of ferry and road travel (no longer 21 so the travelling wears me out these days!!); our little dog is just about getting over his stay in the kennels with the lovely Paula whose kindness and TLC did help to allay his fears that his owners might not return (sadly, we will never know his little personal history but we fear it probably entails numerous abandonments and changes of domicile before being taken in by the Dog Warden - every time I visit Kings Lynn I shed a little tear as I think of him running around alone and scared, scavenging scraps from the pavements)

Have been looking through my sewing patterns today but too tired for cutting out this evening

Demain, demain, my scissors await!!


  1. I just love this scarf.Such pretty colours...surely you have to keep this one!!

  2. Haven't decided yet. I am on this mad mission to find scarves for repurposing and no way can I take scissors to this one!!


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