Thursday, 30 June 2011

Time for tea?

Barely a moment to fill my tea or coffee cup this week!

Started on Sunday, mr. brocobelle was on the hunt for a handbook for his vintage motorbike so we visited a sale where we had seen a vendor of all things kawasaki - he wasn't there, there were literally truckloads of discarded kids' toys and clothes for sale.  Not a happy hunting ground, thought I.  Happily I was wrong!  Found some great retro textiles and trims and even a few sewing patterns.

The good week continued when I went to one of my usual little thrift shops on my stock search circuit.  They had taken delivery of a quantity of deadstock - household linens, blouses, some lingerie - and to my great delight, a batch of retro 70s pinnies in groovy florals.  Out came the blue fold up Ikea bag - you know, the one that doubles as a two person tent - and it was promptly filled to the brim with textiles. 


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Going going guide to UK textile & fashion auctions

Inspired (as I so often am) by Lizzie at the vintage traveler, I thought it was about time I compiled a list of UK textile & fashion auctions - well, the ones that I know about anyhow.  Hope this is of interest to you textile lovers out there.  Don't forget you can often listen to the progress of a sale either by logging onto the auction house website or sometimes on the - really interesting for research.  The photo above is of a part of an embroidered Chinese shawl I bought at auction last year.

Kerry Taylor Auctions is in South East London and has amazing sales featuring museum quality items as well as more general mixed lots.  I have sold through Kerry in the past and have always found her and her team to be really helpful and approachable.  I haven't succeeded in buying through her sales (I think Lily Allen often bids in them for her vintage boutique - Lily must have been bidding against me!!).

The Cotswold Auction Company in Cheltenham holds several specialist sales a year - the next one is on 31st August.  A busy, bustling auction room, packed to the brim with fabulous mixed lots and just a short walk from the delights of Cheltenham, highly recommended.

TW Gaze in Diss, Norfolk is a lovely country auction room.  Once upon a time I lived in Suffolk and most Fridays would find me buying furniture and other interesting items for my pink Suffolk cottage.  I remember I got to know the local Mr Shifter quite well!!  General sales on a Friday which always have several rooms of interesting items, as well as a meadow sale.  Specialist sales usually on Saturdays.  Next textile sale is 20th August.

Bonhams in Knowle in the West Midlands has approx. 3 sales a year - the next one is 26th July.  Have never been to this one although have drooled over the catalogues.  Unusually, you are unable to follow this sale online - commission bids or bidding in person only.

Morphets in Harrogate has a couple of textile and costume sales each year - I registered online for the last sale in the spring and was staggered at how much items sold for!!  Not sure when the next sale is.

Roseberys in South London has textile sections in some of its auctions - the next one is 9th July - I have not attended this auction.

And finally, for all you vintage jewellery lovers, Fellows & Co in Birmingham have special vintage jewellery sales which include large mixed lots of costume jewellery - next sale is 27th June.  I have not bid with this auction house, but their catalogues and archives are very interesting and the live sales can be followed online.

DISCLAIMER - I am not responsible for any monies you end up spending at any auction whether listed above or not!!  Happy bidding folks.


Scarf City

How on earth did we manage before we moved to our current home?  Our previous abode was a charming Cotswold stone cottage complete with beams and sloping ceilings - cute but small, and nowhere near enough space for a serial textile hoarder.  Now I am spoiled and have two rooms for my textiles and sewing.  And you know what? I am nearly overflowing from them!  Today I vow to make some headway sorting through my scarves - of which I have lost count - and above you can see a clothes airer literally groaning under their weight.  Oh no, don't think this is all I have - these are simply the ones I have yet to sort through ....

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Gorgeous vintage 30s chinoiserie design silk flapper dress

Just a quick post about a lovely original 1930s dress I have listed on Etsy

The textile is quite beautiful - a chinoiserie design silk in the prettiest shades of blue and pink

This flapper dress is so beautiful, hopefully it will fit someone (about a UK size 10-12) and go to a good home and be worn to and flaunted at some cool 30s style events

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sayonara sewing!!

Every day starts with a list of resolutions:
today I will sort through my mega-library of sewing patterns
today I will choose one to start sewing
today I will go through my textile/clothing for repurposing stash and match textile to pattern
today I will cut something out

And you know what?
Each day I get sidetracked with stock shopping, listings, sitting in the sun reading Philippa Gregory, whatever!

Yesterday I found this amazing vintage 70s kimono by Mitsukiku.  Totally wonderful textile with a design of fans and flowers.  I was researching it on the internet when I found a really groovy fashion photo from 1973 from the Daily Mirror showing some Mitsukiku kimonos.  Turns out the Mirror has a fab photo archive you might like to browse - link to kimono photo and the archive below



Sunday, 12 June 2011

French leave

Just returned home after a few days in France

You might have read in an earlier post of a big French barn I frequent which has lots of textiles for sale

Well, given that my current passion is for scarves, I was thrilled to find a metal shop basket full of them - and no other customer seemed interested

I happily sorted through them and picked out 15, some to sell, some to sew, not too sure yet which are destined for ebay

But the jewel in the crown has to be this lovely silk Christian Dior scarf in pretty apricot shades with a design of pink roses on a trellis surrounded by baroque scrolls in shades of gold

Back home now, recovering from another birthday and long days of ferry and road travel (no longer 21 so the travelling wears me out these days!!); our little dog is just about getting over his stay in the kennels with the lovely Paula whose kindness and TLC did help to allay his fears that his owners might not return (sadly, we will never know his little personal history but we fear it probably entails numerous abandonments and changes of domicile before being taken in by the Dog Warden - every time I visit Kings Lynn I shed a little tear as I think of him running around alone and scared, scavenging scraps from the pavements)

Have been looking through my sewing patterns today but too tired for cutting out this evening

Demain, demain, my scissors await!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Back to the drawing board

Can't wait to get on with my sewing, but something always seems to get in the way

Found this pattern - I reckon 80s? - and thought as it is Very Easy Peasy it should make up quite quickly as I am in desperate need of summer tops

Then I thought this easy looking tunic would be nice too

I've got some lovely vintage textiles just waiting for me to get the scissors out!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bead harvest time

Have been so busy with my bead harvest, too busy to post! - happily making up sets of jewellery for the Discover Vintage fair this Saturday 4 June in Stamford, Lincs

I have been using vintage beads and textiles dating from c. 1910 to 1970 from my stash in the huge housemaid's cupboard to make a unique range of jewellery.

Items from this new collection will be available on my Folksy shop (see link top left of page) soon!

Hope to see you at Stamford on Saturday!

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