Monday, 16 May 2011

Presenting Mr Cholmondeley Border

A couple of posts ago I showed off a bolero I had made using patterns and applique ideas from my 30s and 40s home dressmaking books.  I mentioned I had also made a little dog jacket for a special little boy.  Well, here he is!  I appliqued his jacket with countryside motifs as I was inspired by the farms all around us.  I was particularly pleased with my tractor motifs each using a large and small button from the button box.

My little model didn't really get the concept of posing for the camera and kept wriggling and hoping that the camera might in fact be a box of treats.  Oh well!



  1. I LOVE IT !! Mr Cholmondeley is adorable and I am sure this will keep him snug and warm...I hope he is not a chewer!!

  2. Thankfully he doesn't chew - even his toys remain pretty intact! With rescue dogs you never know what to expect, but we have been so lucky with our little chap.

  3. What a face. I love him!

  4. He really is the dearest little chap, we have had him for 16 months now, one of the family!


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