Friday, 6 May 2011

Make Do & Mend - My Way!

A dowdy, matronly but impeccable 1960s coat set me thinking ... what can I do with that?  I had recently bought two copies of a home dressmaking book - one being the 1930s edition, and one being the Make Do & Mend 1940s edition.  The result of the equation

1 wool coat x (30s / 40s styling) = 1 vintage style bolero and 1 small doggy jacket!

I made my own pattern using the books as a guide and copied some applique motif designs from the 30s book; I worked with some of the seaming and lining in place, binding other seams for neatness.  Et voila!

Doggy coat will be shown in another posting when I have persuaded the reluctant doggy model to participate - you know, he just doesn't get out of bed unless there are at least a few biscuits, chews and choccy drops in it for him!!


  1. I love this bolero! I saw @ Sew Retro, and I could not resist to come to your blog to see it. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the pattern with me. My email address:

  2. Thanks, glad you like the bolero, I was pleased how it turned out. Basically I made a pattern using diagrams from my vintage dressmaking books and adapted that to fit the coat - very make do and mend. I did cut a pattern out of brown paper so I will see if I can do a diagram that I could email to you.

  3. Hi Dania, just wanted to check you got the email I sent you OK a couple of weeks ago - I attached some scans of the pages I used to help me make the pattern from my vintage needlework books. Cheers. x


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