Friday, 13 May 2011

Desperately seeking vintage

Depends how I'm feeling on any given vintage shopping day - can I face asking the ladies in the charity shop if they have any sewing patterns for sale?

Replies have been variously a) we only get really old fashioned ones so we throw them away (WHAT! those are the ones I want!) b) we throw them away because we cannot guarantee they are complete c) we use them for wrapping china

Anyway, yesterday I was feeling courageous.  I was pointed in the direction of a drawer in a rickety old chest in a forgotten corner.

Result!  Some lovely patterns, mainly 70s/80s, including a lovely wrap sundress which is even in my size!!  Thank you, oh thou Benevolent Good Queen of Vintage!  Patterns will be pictured in a later post.


  1. Result! Two charity shops have some supplies of patterns they expect to receive in next few days and they will keep them for me! Will update blog when I get them. K. x

  2. A lot of my patterns and fabric I get from charity shops.There are three shops out of the total number in our town that always seem to have a regular bunch of donors who take in fabric,patterns and haberdashery and I make a point of looking several times a week.Usually I come away with something.Keep looking!!


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