Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Anyone for netball/handball/football Deco style?

Had to smile when I found this little vintage Deco fairing at a jumble sale - not sure if she is playing football or maybe netball - but whatever sport it is, she is certainly decked out to excess by modern lycra-clad standards, what with the large floppy hat, bell bottoms, waistcoat and tie!

Or maybe she was just an elegant spectator who grabbed hold of the ball?


  1. Love her, naturally!

  2. She is fab.. as is the floral pattern on the side of your blog. i have still not worked out how to do that!!! Lizzie

  3. Thought you would like her, I cannot resist anything relating to vintage costume and she was so quirky, in spite of a couple of chips. She went to a good home as a birthday present for a young sporting lady. The textile on the sides is a 30s linen printed with delphiniums and daisies in a lovely bright colourway. K.


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