Monday, 26 July 2010

Divine Dior

Sadly I will never be able to squeeze my old bunions into these elegant vintage 70s sandals (size 3) by Christian Dior, but I hope they will turn some lucky girl into a Cinderella who meets her Prince Charming.

More treasures to discover

Since our move East late last year, have found a lovely auction house deep in the Norfolk countryside selling lovely mixed jewellery lots.

Truffling through them takes a bit of dedication and a pair of latex gloves (I kid you not!) while I search through tons of broken chains, yukky old hoop earrings and so on, but the joy when I unearth a treasure like this vintage 70s faux topaz and opal pendant is worth it.

The first time I bought some mixed jewellery lots at this auction I weighed my bags when I got home and they weighed 1 stone 9lbs! Would that I could lose the weight that easily .... oh well!

Slightly chaotic at home this week as we are having new flooring laid throughout the hall and living room, should be finished tomorrow and sure it will be worth it.

It has been too long since I last blogged, over a year! In that time we have moved house, from the Cotswolds to Lincolnshire, and gained a new arrival in the form of a darling little rescue dog, Mr Cholmondeley Border!

I feared I might be moving to a vintage wilderness, having left behind my usual hunting grounds of Cheltenham (Cotswold Auction Co, the Oxford antiques market on a Thursday and the fairs run by Vintage & Handmade and Time after Time in Stroud

But no! I am saved. I am gradually finding my way round the auction rooms and antiques markets of the East of England, as usual buying mixed lots of items because there is just that one thing I just must have.

Our house move has prompted yet another massive closet clearout and I have been selling off some more items on ebay - the lovely vintage 30s shawl featured above is on offer this week (check me out under seller vintage-vie). But thankfully for the first time in ages I have some space to collect more vintage textiles and fashion, so hope to get back into my vintage shoes with my vintage hat on my head before too long.

Will be updating the blog with more news of the great Vintage East shortly.
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